This is a pre-recorded interview with WIFA member, Dynasti Hunt by Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone. WIFA was supported by Two Fit Crazies in interviewing the Accelerate presenters amidst COVID-19.

In this episode Dynasti shares why diversity and inclusion should always be important to your fitness business. Dynasti talks about entering the fitness industry and her realization of the lack of diversity, equity and inclusion and how she has set out to change that. She is committed to pushing studios and instructors to bring DEI processes into their business. She enlightens fitness professionals on the importance to diversify cueing, accessibility, music, marketing, and much more. Dynasti encourages owners to look into their recruitment and marketing strategy to ensure you are not seeking only people who look the same. It is incredibly important for clients that you have a diverse group of employees because your clients want that! The actions and what a company is putting out into the world align. Dynasti also encourages studios and business owners to put out a survey to look into the realities of their DEI efforts. She also shares the importance of body positive messaging and being mindful of how you are treating individuals who do not all look the same. Dynasti applauds the fitness professionals that are pushing individuals to have the hard conversations.

Dynasti Hunt is founder of the, a platform focused on developing and supporting women to break their imposter syndrome, in the fitness industry and beyond as well as a Lead Trainer and Instructor at Uforia Studios (Bay Area). As an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Indoor Cycling (Schwinn), she is committed to leading sweaty sessions across the Bay Area that incorporate heavy-hitting beats, exercises that push you past your limits and creating environments that push you to dig deeper and go harder. 

When she’s not pushing you beyond your limits as an aspiring instructor or client, Dynasti leads an active dual-career life as the Managing Director, Talent and Equity for a non-profit consulting firm with over 15 years of experience leading Human Resources teams and coaching CEOs, Leaders, and Executive Leadership Teams.  

You can learn more about Dynasti on her website,

Instagram @dynasihunt

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