Take the L.E.A.D. with WIFA

Leadership through Elevation Awareness and Discovery

Give yourself Inspiration, Purpose and Joy.

The WIFA L.E.A.D Program is a 13-week, entirely online, interactive learning mentorship journey, connecting passionate women to their strengths and purpose with the help of a peer and the WIFA community.

**BONUS- 3.0 CEC from ACE

Are you ready to L.E.A.D.?  The world is waiting for more strong, passionate women to step into their spotlight.  WIFA is committed to being a hub for growth and connection and keeping exceptional programs accessible and affordable for our members.

Details on the 13 weeks:

Phase 1- “Who Are You Enneaway?” Meet your peer and dive into your Enneagram results together to create your, All About You presentation.

Phase 2- “What is Your WHY?” Gather stories and identify life’s themes. Create your WHY statement.

Phase 3- “Forward Ever Backwards Never” Evaluate your current behaviors and create a roadmap with your peer on living out your why.

You get all this for just $99. 

Spots are limited.  We keep our groups small to maximize attention, community and growth for the committed and inspired few. The program begins April 12, 2021

SAY YES to WIFA L.E.A.D Because You:

  • Want to sharpen your focus by taking time to reflect on yourself and their purpose
  • Are ready to take the next step in your personal development
  • Love receiving from and contributing to a community of strong women

*Must be a WIFA member to participate. If you are not a WIFA member please purchase the annual membership.

*LEAD takes place in April, July, and October 2021