(Denver, CO) The Women in Fitness Association (WIFA) has big and wonderful news to kick things off in 2021.  Our team is growing! Part of our strategic plan this year to support WIFA’s global growth includes expanding our headquarter support team.  We are thrilled to announce the first addition to our team.  Jennifer Halsall has been hired as Chief Operating Officer. 

Jennifer brings a strong, extensive background in marketing, product development and operational roles with over 20 years of experience in the fitness sector.  Jennifer’s addition highlights WIFA’s extra global ambitions and focus as this North American Hybrid has been working and living in the Netherlands for the past 10 years. 

Jennifer shares, “This is an absolute dream job to be able to work in an industry I love with an association that I truly believe in as a part of a team of amazing and talented women. Big things are coming, hold on to your socks!”

Lindsey Rainwater, Founder and Chief Executive Officer shares, “Onboarding Jennifer as our COO is a vital step among many that WIFA is taking to support women in the fitness industry.  We recognize the critical conjuncture of the fitness industry and therefore are responding with supporting the women in fitness more than ever.  We are focused on creating stronger programs for our members and most importantly giving them access to each other in an environment that supports helping them help each other to achieve their goals.  

WIFA is living out this commitment to women by onboarding Jennifer and growing our support team.  Her perspective and historical success will breathe life into our marketing and operations in a fresh way allowing for new levels of industry impact.  We have made the commitment to tackle vital topics like group fitness and personal trainer compensation, business support for working mothers and diversity equity and inclusion of the women in leadership in our industry.  We acknowledge the need for change and are innovating to meet this challenge.  Jennifer will be working directly with myself and Morgan to live out our mission to change the face of fitness.”

The team is growing in other exciting ways, Morgan Hills-Adetoye, WIFA’s Director of Operations, is expecting her first baby boy this coming March. After some Mommy time she will return to focus on Member Engagement and developing the WIFA event strategy. 

Morgan contributes, “I am very excited for the growth of our WIFA team! Jennifer is an absolute joy to collaborate with. I am looking forward to welcoming our sweet baby to the world this spring and coming back to WIFA to continue supporting our community.” 

 There are still opportunities available to join the growing WIFA team. We are looking for an Operations Coordinator to keep the engine of WIFA running smoothly.  Are you interested or know someone who might be?  Reach out today! [email protected]


About WIFA:

We are the women of the fitness industry. This is a place that was created to champion one another and reach our highest potentials. Together we accelerate our careers in ways we could never accomplish alone. We believe in collaboration; when we help each other, we all succeed. We are working together to see women change the face of fitness, and to share a diverse and inclusive future of our industry. @WIFAssociation


About Jennifer:

Jennifer is a C’Merican (you read that right- a North American hybrid) who, after living ten years in the Netherlands is officially Dutch.   She is the Chief Operating Officer for WIFA (the Women in Fitness Association) by day and is a Europe Active Board member for many of the hours in between.  Twentyish years ago, she started her career as one of the (then) few female Personal Trainers and was able to turn her passion into a career by leading 2 of the Canadian market’s largest PT Departments: Bally Total Fitness and GoodLife Fitness before convincing René Moos to make his best hiring decision ever in 2011.  Since then, Jennifer led the Product Team at HealthCity and Basic-Fit before starting the Member Retention department.  After 10 years, it was time for change and Jennifer is proud to have joined WIFA’s leadership team.   In her spare time, (what’s that?) she passionately contributes to the growth of our sector.  She is an International Ambassador for WIFA (Women in Fitness Association), co-creator of the WIFA L.E.A.D. Program (Leadership through Elevation Awareness and Discovery) program, a CEN workgroup member for our branch’s Health and Safety Standard.  She derives her energy by fulfilling her purpose: Connecting us with our strength and magic so that there’s no such thing as impossible! @jennifer.halsall

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