WIFA Waves Episode 16

On this episode Lindsey and Morgan interview, Suaad Ghadban. Suaad is a leading fitness and health expert and creator of Hot Booty Ballet, Montreal’s hottest workout! Her 20 years of teaching and training experience include dance, gymnastics, circus, as well as a World Dance and Sports Aerobic Championship. Suaad launched the Hot Booty Ballet virtual […]

WIFA Waves Episode 15

On this episode Lindsey and Morgan interview Emma Barry and Lucy Adey. Emma is a global fitness authority who for 25 years has advised and advanced the innovative edge of health and fitness. A founding member of Les Mills International and former Director for luxury lifestyle brand Equinox, she is fluent in what happens next […]

WIFA Waves Episode 14

On this episode Lindsey and Morgan interview, Sarah Pellegrino, an experienced sales professional who has grown up in the fitness industry and has a passion to serve those in the health and wellness industries. Sarah is a Business Development Manager for Atrium Health Employer Solutions and a founding WIFA board member. We talk about career […]

WIFA Waves Episode 13

On this episode Lindsey and Morgan interview, Rebecca Cofod. Rebecca is the US Group Training Solutions Director at Martrix Fitness USA and WIFA board member. Rebecca shares with us about her career changes from tech into the fitness industry and everything in between. She also gets real with the WIFA community about personal experiences that […]

WIFA Waves Episode 12

On this episode Lindsey and Morgan interview, Ashley Carter, founder of Think. Eat. Be Well. Which has steadily establishing itself as a resource known for supporting, empowering and encouraging people to be the healthiest version of themselves through health coaching and exercise offerings. With an understanding and awareness of various lifestyles and stages of behavioral […]