How To Promote the Power of Women In the Fitness Industry in 2020 and Beyond

2020 is here and brings with it a new decade full of potential and possibilities for your personal and professional development as a woman in the fitness industry. What vision and goals will you aspire to create and accomplish for yourself? Having the vision and goals are a great place to start but to accomplish and realize these you need something more. You need to learn how to step into your power if you truly want to realize your full potential.

That is the missing link many women are lacking. Too often we are afraid or unsure of our power and how to exercise it in a healthy, purposeful and positive way.  Power is only useful to us when we do exercise it. Within every woman there is an innate power and potential to unlock opportunity and make a difference in the world. The secret is to find that power and liberate it.

Here are some ways for us as women to step into our power in 2020 and how I see us promoting women in the fitness industry in 2020 and beyond.

Value Yourself

Valuing yourself and recognizing the power you possess is the first and most important step. For far too long women have given away their power because they did not feel worthy of holding positions of leadership with title. Learning to stand up for yourself and valuing yourself and your place in the industry and your role as a female fitness professional is so critical. No matter who you are or where you have come from you are powerful. We should remind ourselves of our value daily and we should also take time to acknowledge one another and appreciate the value each of us bring to the industry. Our stories and experiences give us power. Take a moment to reflect on where you have come from and what it took to get you to where you are today.

Set-Up Powerful Partnerships

Those who you surround yourself with will influence your growth and development. There is such power and energy that comes through community and collaboration. Creating and investing in powerful partnerships for yourself in your personal and professional relationships will make such a difference in the progress you make in your work and life. WIFA is a great place for this! As a WIFA member you have so many opportunities to build connections with others in your industry who you may never have met before (this is a global sisterhood!) Through WIFA you can access powerful allies and mentors and forge friendships to nurture your progress. Together we are stronger and more powerful than we ever could be on our own.  If you are not yet a WIFA member I strongly encourage you to join in 2020 and encourage your industry girlfriends to join.

Uncover Your Superpowers

What are your superpowers? We all have individual talents and gifts that allow us to shine and stand out. These are the abilities that have the power to help us define ourselves and our careers paths. Discovering our superpowers and using and refining them is what will help us live and work authentically. When we know who we are and understand our direction we will be more purposeful and there will be less of a propensity for competition which ultimately diminishes our power. Think about what activities and initiatives in which you naturally excel, or which make you feel empowered beyond anything else. If you are not sure, get together with friends or colleagues and ask them what they see in you.

We live at an exciting time with this new decade’s arrival where women are realizing they have power and deserve to own that power. We need women empowering women, especially in the fitness industry, now more than ever for this to continue. Let’s see what steps we can take together and progress we can make in 2020 to advance the power of women in the fitness industry for this decade and beyond!

Author: Maureen (Mo) Hagan

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