This week’s Feature Friday is highlighting WIFA Women, Stephanie Erazo and Sammi Gaudreau!


After 7 years as a CNN Producer, Stephanie made her main focus her longtime passion for fitness and wellness. She traveled to India to study meditation and yoga, and felt inspired to share those unique practices. After working for a large corporation for so many years, she I possess first hand knowledge of both business and employee needs. She can also relate to the stress of a corporate job, and realize the benefits of having an outlet in the workplace.
Stephanie is passionate about meeting influential people, building positive relationships, and making significant connections that promote lasting impact. Her aim is to build community through fitness, increase overall health and productivity in the workplace, and spread knowledge of wellness in all aspects.


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Sammi is passionate about helping people of all ages create a fun and exciting journey to the best versions of themselves both inside and out. To be fit is to challenge yourself to be better, always. She strives to create an impossibly fun fitness journey for everyone and desire to see this goal come to fruition with a company that shares the same vision.




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