This week’s Feature Friday is highlighting WIFA Women, Ariel Belgrave Harris and Jane Curth!


Ariel helps high- achieving women build healthy habits and hit their wellness goals — without working out every single day or counting calories. As someone who has worked in corporate for almost 10 years, Ariel knows how hard it can be to fit wellness into a busy work schedule. She has tried the fad diets and different fitness and nutrition programs — and none of them worked. They were too restrictive and not sustainable long-term. She needed to find a solution… and she did!
After 6+ years of certifications, research, and working 1:1 with hundreds of high achieving women around the world, she developed a signature group program, The L.E.A.N. Method, a 28-day fitness and nutrition program created just for busy women. The women who have participated in her program – tech professionals, community leaders, entrepreneurs – have been blown away with their results in just 28 days. This program is about a lifestyle change.

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One of the principle drivers in Jane’s life is teaching others and making the world a better place. As a college professor of Health, Wellness, and Physical Education, she had the distinct pleasure of helping to educate future professionals, and she wanted to find a way to continue this in retirement. This is what led her to co-found FitFixNow — the internet’s first 100% online, on-demand provider for continuing education of fitness professionals. In the last five years of her profession, she was asked to spearhead the online education aspect of her department. She’s since been able to incorporate everything from her experience into a fantastic online learning environment that will help you to become a better fitness professional — as an instructor, business owner, and person overall. If you are a trainer or group fitness instructor, check out what Jane can help you with!

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