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Meet Ann – the owner of Viv Cycle in Denver, CO. Ann grew up in the suburbs of DC and then moved to Atlanta, where she went to college and subsequently started her corporate career. She discovered the boutique fitness world while traveling for work and was able to try dozens of different studios and types of workouts – spin classes were where she found her passion. When Ann and her fiancé finally settled down in Denver, she was determined to open her own studio that would incorporate all her favorite aspects from the studios she’d been to over the years. You’re almost guaranteed to find her either at the front desk, running around the studio barefoot, or riding in a class! When she’s not at Viv, she can normally be found on her couch watching the Game Show Network (specifically Family Feud).

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I am a specialist in bringing order to chaos, creating a solid foundation upon which excellence can be achieved and fostering creativity in a team. In fitness and martial arts, my goal has always been to open the eyes of my students to the amazing potential that lies within each and every one of us. I believe that both of these goals come from the same desire to make a true difference in the lives of the people that I meet and leave a place better than I found it.

I am a skilled presenter on topics that include customer service, attainable fitness for all, hospitality service success and training for excellence – both in one’s quest for physical health and in guest satisfaction. I believe that the fitness industry IS a hospitality industry which is why my training and experience in both areas reinforce and support each other.

My perspective is always the same – whether I am leading a fitness class, corporate team building event, social activity or if I am in front of a single guest: I look upon all of these as opportunities to create a memorable and positive experience for someone. It is a powerful, powerful position to be in and I take that fact to heart and focus on what it will take to create that experience. This is my purpose in life and what I am happiest doing.

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