This week’s Feature Friday is highlighting, WIFA Women, Barbara Klein and Teri Bissonnette! Read on to learn more!

I’m Barbara Klein and my heart beats for sports, nutrition, and health. As a trained sports and physical therapist, I’m very familiar with the anatomy of the body.Maybe you already know me through my job as a presenter at QVC or my work as a book author.
I have made it my mission to harmonize my expertise in the field of health, fitness and nutrition to the needs of today and make it accessible to everyone.With my company FLEXI-SPORTS® I always strive to develop innovative and intelligent sports equipment and fitness programs for all target groups, from beginners to professional athletes. As the inventor of the FLEXI-BAR®, I have developed a unique vibrating stick that strengthens the deep muscles like no other device.

With my nutritional supplement “NutraLinea” I have been launching a product variety since 2001 that focuses on the areas of Fit & Active, Weight Loss and Beauty, with a constantly growing product range.

I enjoy motivating and inspiring you – on the way to feeling good. On the following pages you will find support for the following topics: Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Best Aging.


Teri Bissonnette has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the American University in Washington D.C. She moved to Lake City in 2005 from Los Angeles, where she was a Marketing Director for a film studio.
At Anytime Fitness, Teri advises members on nutrition. She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. She also teaches an exercise class for seniors at Lake Pepin Plaza in Lake City.
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