This week’s Feature Friday is highlighting, WIFA Women, Vanessa Severiano and Suzelle Snowden! Read on to learn more!
I am a fitness professional with 18+ years of experience in creating, managing and developing many brands in the areas of sales, marketing and operations. Among my peers, I am recognized as a strong leader with a proven track record of growth and results. Known for being highly energetic, self motivated, and ambitious. I am highly passionate about people, teams and creating outstanding brand experiences.
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I created Fit Bodies, Inc. in the mid nineties for traveling fitness, wellness and sport professionals out of love for the islands, for fitness, and the observation that the hotel fitness programs needed a professional lift to keep the guests safe and satisfied. With the Fit Bodies Inc program EVERYONE IS HAPPY including hotel staff, resort instructors, hotel guests, and the traveling instructor and their companions. There is a mutual trust and loyalty between myself and the executives and staff of the hotels I work with based on the knowledge that I continue to deliver the product that enhances their programs. I am the official exclusive provider for fitness professionals at more than 80 properties and I deem this an honor and a testament that Fit Bodies Inc. is successfully satisfying the needs and wants of the top resort chains in the world. I will continue to expand to new regions and countries always providing the current trends along with the traditional programming sought by resort guests from all over the world. I’m an ultra-distance runner in my spare time and love a dirty, rocky, hilly trail to challenge my spirit!
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