The importance of a job description is often underestimated. At times, it seems like it is one of those documents that should be created to satisfy a checklist but it is actually very important to those who are job hunting. Writing job descriptions is not as fun as creating a dynamic group exercise program or increasing revenue through small group training, but it is necessary. A job description is not only critical for employees, it is vital for employers. The job description document should be revisited regularly, I recommend an annual review to ensure that it is up to date and consistent with industry trends. Now, more than ever, job descriptions need to be updated to reflect our new normal.
Job descriptions are necessary for the recruitment of employees by providing an accurate description of the role, responsibilities, duties and tasks related to the position. They form the foundation for many important processes such as job postings, recruitment, selection, setting expectations, compensation, training and performance management. Job descriptions should give a brief overview of the role, how it relates to your company vision, a list of key responsibilities, requirements and qualifications.

Job titleJob Purpose – this is a high-level summary of key duties for the position. Typically, this section is a short paragraph. For example, Welcome Desk attendants are responsible for delivering outstanding customer service to members and guests. Attendants are also responsible for contributing to running a clean, friendly and well-maintained club. Our team members are dynamic individuals who are on board with our Company Vision, Mission and Core Values.

Job Roles and Responsibilities – this section describes the essential functions of the employee. They roles and responsibilities are the fundamental nature of the job which occupy a large proportion of the employee’s time. When we wrote roles and responsibilities at our club, the number one responsibility for ALL roles was to provide members with an exceptional member experience. In today’s environment, another responsibility that should be on every job description is facility cleanliness. Now that this is expected for every member of the staff, it should be reflected on the job description. In this example, the specific expectations are different for a Group X instructor versus a member of the Housekeeping staff, but they should be outlined in this section.

Job Qualifications – this section details the experience, knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job. Some employers list preferred qualifications (such as a college degree) versus required qualifications. In this section, it is important to list any certifications required for the job, including a CPR certification.

Physical Requirements – in the club setting, there are a lot of duties that require physical skills. Whether it is picking up dumbbells, lifting laundry bins or holding small children, these requirements must be listed. Legally, this is helpful if you choose not to hire someone that is in a protected category, such as an older individual. It is important to be specific and consider that everyone is required to be involved in the upkeep and maintenance of the facility, so be specific. Requirements could include; ability to work with active children ages 3-5, ability to lift a 45-pound plate, ability to remain in a stationary position, often standing or sitting for prolonged periods. Consult your HR department to ensure that this legally compliant. Some companies might include a statement regarding reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Company Information – in this section, list your company vision, mission and core values.

When you take the time to have up-to-date job descriptions for all your positions, you will have the foundation to continue driving the success of your business. You also dramatically increase your chance of hiring all-star team members.


Author: Marisa Hoff

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