Gain new clients, a new experience and more by bringing your fitness business to beautiful destinations.

Picture yourself training clients or leading a class on a white sandy beach, poolside or in a gazebo overlooking sparkling blue waters. You can experience this and a luxury, all-inclusive vacation at the same time when you take a “teaching vacation”.  Our partner, Fit Bodies, Inc. want to share with the WIFA community some great news! As a certified fitness instructor who travels to teach at a vacation destination, you will get to experience all the benefits of a luxury holiday while inspiring and showcasing your expertise to new clientele. Here are 10 benefits to going beyond your club or studio and exploring opportunities that could lead you to some of the most coveted locations around the world including Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Curacao, Turks & Caicos, St. Martin, the Bahamas or Panama!

For nearly 30 years, Fit Bodies Inc. provides teaching vacations where certified fitness, yoga and sports professionals (personal trainers, tennis and golf instructors) can mix their passion with paradise, inspiring resort guests while vacationing at luxury all-inclusive beachfront resorts. Create your FREE profile here and find information on all resorts, cruises and real-time opportunities in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and the United States.

WIFA members, can book their first Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation for 10% off using code WIFA10. Contact Fit Bodies Inc. directly at [email protected] with any questions and for more information on availabilities and locations.  You can also join the Teach on the Beach- Instructor Page on facebook to hear from professionals who have traveled with Fit Bodies, Inc. before.

  • VACATION with ease in a tropical paradise instead of planning a trip or organizing a retreat for yourself or loved ones. If you sign up for a teaching opportunity with an organization like Fit Bodies Inc., all the groundwork, such as hotel reservations and trip detail provisions, is handled for you.
  • ENJOY stunning resort settings, luxury all-inclusive accommodations, world-class amenities, unsurpassed personal service and limitless gourmet fare for you and your companions. Wake up and walk out of your luxury suite right onto the beach or poolside classroom. 
  • SAVE thousands of dollars by traveling for a fraction of the normal cost. Your all-inclusive luxury accommodations at five-star resorts are provided in exchange for one or two classes taught each day.
  • IMPROVE your skills as an instructor by working with a wide variety of experience levels, ages, languages and physical abilities. And these clients have yet to hear your stories! Vacations bring out the best in people. Experience smiles instead of stress and open-minded attitudes instead of “I can’t do that!” mentalities.
  • INSPIRE, enhance and change the lives of resort guests by sharing the gift of fitness, health and wellness. Guests have the confidence to join classes and fitness experiences even more when they are on vacation, and are excited to find an experienced, educated professional leading the workout.
  • RECHARGE your fitness batteries and use the free time you don’t have at home to spark your creativity, relax your body, and nourish your mind and soul.
  • REACH celebrity status, make new connections and create lifelong memories while simply doing what you love. Take advantage of being the fitness authority during your stay. Guests are eager to learn how they can feel and look as good as you!
  • ESCAPE the “everyday” schedule. Teach on the beach or poolside rather than within the same four walls. Searching for shade from sun, level sand or adequate space also can serve as a fun challenge as you adapt to your vacation surroundings. Use the sound of waves crashing instead of your typical speakers. Step out of your comfort zone, get creative and expand your horizons.
  • BECOME an international presenter (when you travel outside the country). You will gain this new accolade after your very first class—an exciting addition to your fitness resumé.
  • NETWORK with organizations, other guests, other fitness professionals and potential new clients. You will have the opportunity to connect with the resort where you’re teaching and you will meet people from all walks of life.



“I’m in the mad rush to hit the ground running today but wanted to make absolute sure I reached out to you and THANKED YOU!! THANK YOU!!! My husband and I were so blessed from our week in Cancun at the Breathless Riviera. The staff and entertainment team are absolutely lovable. We had classes every day and actually had a couple ‘regulars’ until they left. This business you have created and built is so brilliant.” —Esse

“When you book as the Fit Bodies Inc. pro, you become like the rock star on the property—you are recognized at dinner, and all around the hotel, you are introduced to many. It is your responsibility to represent the industry with dignity and professionalism. It is an honor to be the pro and act like one!! I bring my business cards and tell them to contact me anytime with any questions and to visit my website for great health info.” —MaryAnn

“Can’t say enough great things about this program. Everyone at Fit Bodies Inc. is so professional. Always returning emails and calls. Never worry about a booking. Everything has gone without a hitch, and I’ve gotten to see some beautiful resorts and make many friends.” —Lisa

“We loved the resort! This was my fourth teaching vacation, and we’ve gone to a different Secrets each time. All have been fantastic! I love the teaching vacation opportunities that Fit Bodies provides!” —Elizabeth


About Fit Bodies, Inc

Fit Bodies, Inc., is the largest teaching vacation organization in the world, providing quality fitness programming to luxury resorts throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and beyond since 1992. Our mission is to provide teaching vacations where certified professionals mix their passion with paradise, while also vacationing at luxury all-inclusive beachfront resorts.

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